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About us

We believe that people are more important than glasses, so creating CASTA here, in Kiev, we think about every one of you, beautiful, young and unconquered.

CASTA - it's modern style urban alchemy involved on loud parties, extreme sport and youth.

We are proud of the Kiev residence permit, we do not accept compromises in quality and dream of a world where you can be different, while remaining yourself every day.




CASTA history began in Kyiv (in the cult club Hlib), when group of friends, inspired by the loud party, extreme sports and culture of modern streets asked themselves several important questions:

1. Where to go for afterpati?

2. Who will go to get some drinks?

3 (and the most important) Why nobody in Ukraine didn’t came up with modern and good-quality eyewear, which on one hand can be worn for party, and after that for college classes, but if you lose or crush them, you would not have to sell gemma to repay the loan for the purchase of new ones.

We are glad to announce, that today, all three issues have been resolved, and you can buy qualitative and modern UKRAINIAN eyeglasses



What differs us from the rest?

1. We are the fans of eyewear and for 20 years we are concerned only about glasses, so we know all about them.

This is good news, because your eyes are in good hands;

2. Everything from idea to design is Ukrainian;

3. We do not compromise in quality;

4. You will not mourn crushed or lost glasses until the end of life, since for CASTA price is reasonable.